Magnus Carlsen will participate in the Steinitz Memorial Chess tournament

CHENNAI: The International Chess Federation (FIDE) will join with to hold the first FIDE Steinitz Memorial online tournament. The event is held in memory of Wilhelm Steinitz (1836-1900) who was the first world chess champion.

It will take place during the birthday of the Austrian-American legend between May 14-17, and will be an online event. The event will be led by the current world champion Magnus Carlsen .

She will head an impressive lineup of 20 players at the Open and in the women's sections, including former Russian prodigy Daniil Dubov and a crowd favorite. Alexander Grischuk .

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All the players have been nominated by FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich . Other names in the lineup include Svidler, Lagno, Kosteniuk, Le Quang, and Anton Guijarro.

Dvorkovich paid rich tributes to Steinitz's legacy. “Steinitz started a long tradition that continues to this day. He was also a revolutionary, who created a completely new chess school: positional play was a concept that did not exist before him. His historic streak of 25 straight wins, or his 32-year unbeaten match play status, speaks volumes about his caliber as a player. He was also a famous author and publicist. This is all his legacy, a legacy to which we pay tribute today, ”he said.

Carlsen was happy to feature in the FIDE -rated event. “Organizing the FIDE Online Steinitz Memorial is a nice way to commemorate (or honor) the first official world chess Champion and to highlight the significance of the strong tradition his match against Zukertort started for modern chess history.”

The Steinitz Memorial will be a double-shift contest that will air online in at least six languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Turkish.