Now I can distinguish between a complaint and an injury: Varun Aaron

NEW DELHI: Varun Aaron He burst onto the scene as a tea racer, who was constantly able to record speeds in the highest range of 140 kmph. But since his international debut during England's tour of India, after the 2011 World Cup, he broke again and again, which turned out to be a speed switch for him in every way. But in form now as a violin, chasing his return to India, Aaron hopes to get to know his body better. The only problem is that there is no Cricket happening right now.

It's something that neither of us have control over, Aaron said of dominance. COVID-19 pandemic, speaking to in a video interview.

Being in a pretty weird situation because we were all in the ( Rajasthan Royals ), with almost a month and a half ahead (for the IPL), preparing, sharpening our skills, but now we are all sitting at home. All we can do is train, eat, sleep, and then repeat that again. The intensities are highly varied as to what we were supposed to be doing now, said the 30-year-old right pacemaker.

The IPL was scheduled to start on March 29, but is now being postponed until further notice.

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Aaron, for whom this IPL could have proved to be the launching pad to return to the colors of India, played his last international game in November 2015: a test match against England. A series of stress fractures had derailed his international career, which has so far seen 9 tests and 9 ODI appearances.

But Aaron now trusts that he has left it behind and knows his body and its requirements and limitations better than before. It has helped him avoid breakdowns for over a year.

I think having these stress fractures and having these injuries have made me more aware of my body, the Royals bowler said.

I know my body now better than ever, and now I know how to distinguish between injury and discomfort. So sometimes, when I know it's a nuisance, I can go on. But when I know it's an injury, it can stop.

What I really learned from him is how important it is to know your body and train according to what your body needs, rather than just blindly following what everyone else is doing or just doing things without even thinking about it. That is the most important. Aaron explained.

And he did not stop thanking those who helped him through these phases of recovery.

MRF-embedMRF-embed I have been truly blessed to have a great family and friends, a very supportive wife and a great support system. Fortunately today, the MRF Pace Foundation is a place where I can always go and train, where I have all the facilities at my disposal. Throughout all my injuries, the BCCI has been excellent, they have always supported me with the NCA. Along the way, with the many IPL teams I've played for, I've made great friends when it comes to coaches and coaches, so I can always get ideas out of his head, he said.

There was a thought once that Aaron's repeated injuries were due to him being an effort bowler. But he dismisses it as a mistake.

I think this is a very big mistake: effort bowlers and rhythm bowlers. Fast bowling needs rhythm, which translates to putting effort. It is always rhythm and effort, not just one. It is like saying that in batting you only need your hands and not your eye. Fast bowling is the same. You need rhythm, which you can then translate to yourself with effort, Aaron said.

The discussion ended with the most obvious question of all. How sure is Aaron of returning to the Indian team, especially when his current pace department has consistently distributed game-winning performances, both at home and abroad?

Aaron-embedAaron-embed I think competition never bothers me, Aaron said. Technically, you wouldn't see people (new players) enter the team when you just won a World Cup (2011). But he had presented those performances and had joined the team at that time.

To be honest, the only reason I played is to play at home and nothing else. The day I feel like I am not good enough to play at home or my skill set is not as good as what the Indian team requires of a bowler, that is the day I would walk away from the game.

But as long as I know I can do that, I will always want to play for the country, and I am sure I will play for the country, he concluded.