Vaidya puts on the motivator hat for cricket players Vidarbha

NAGPUR: If it had been normal times, the Vidarbha players would have prepared for next season under the guidance of their respective coaches in Vidarbha Cricket Association 's (VCA) residential academy.

However, the crash has forced officials to think outside the box to keep their players in the best possible physical and mental shape.

A month after starting online physical preparations, VCA recently held motivating conversations to keep its players in a good mood. VCA Prashant Vice President Vaidya spoke to players via video conference. The idea was to know how the players reacted to this unprecedented situation.

One of the players TOI spoke to termed the session enlightening. Vaidya sir advised us to form a proper routine. I asked to have light cricketing drills that would help us remain connected with the game. He said once everything gets normal, we won't have much of time left to prepare, said a player.

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A VCA source said it was important to have communication with the players, especially those from the districts. Players should not feel isolated. You must make them feel that they are necessary. You want them to be part of the system. If necessary, we would do it again, said a VCA source.

Vaidya asked everyone to be in the best shape, both physically and mentally. He said that unity and bonding is Vidarbha's strength and that's the reason we have won nine trophies out of 11 finals in the last three years. We have been asked to speak to our coaches, trainers and whosoever we are comfortable with.

He said he asked us to analyze the positive aspects of the running of the bulls and spend quality time with the family. We don't have much time to spend with our families during the season, the player said.

Vaidya also advised players to read inspirational books. Reading is very good habit. He said reading will help us remain calm. Since, so many channels are showing cricket, we are advised to watch past matches and learn from big players on how to build innings and about the technique. He advised bowlers to look on how to plan wickets, he said.

Players were asked to reflect on the last season. Now that everyone has their videos, we were asked to self-analyze. He advised hitters to watch his layoffs. Players were asked to focus on below-average spells. They told us to focus on ways to improve, the player said.