IIT-M develops oil-based cancer therapy

NEW DELHI: Researchers at IIT-Madras have developed a clove oil-based emulsion to treat cancer, claiming that the formulation would go a long way in treating undifferentiated cancer and may also overcome antimicrobial resistance. The research papers were recently published in the renowned International Journal of Nanomedicine.

The researchers, led by Professor R Nagarajan, head of the chemical engineering department at IIT Madras, have developed a clove nanoscale emulsion using the spontaneous self-emulsification technique with potent anticancer and anticancer activity.

This formulation meets all the compliance requirements, they said. According to Nagarajan, while conventional cancer therapies such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery cause severe damage to normal cells along with other major side effects, plant-based essential oils have paved the way for innovative solutions to these. drawbacks of synthetic drugs. .

The advantages of these emulsions lie in their small droplet size, ease of preparation, optical clarity, good physical stability, improved bioavailability, non-toxicity and irritability, Nagarajan said. This formulation would have a huge scope in the treatment of metastatic cancer. Furthermore, the components involved are cost-effective and demonstrate good efficacy, and the technique employed is simple, which is the greatest need for drug development, he said.

The team of scientists includes M Joyce Nirmala, a postdoctoral fellow, Vineet Gopakumar, a B Tech student, and Latha Durai, a scientific researcher, all from IIT-Madras.