Important to keep young ferries motivated: Sanjay Mishra

NAGPUR: Being the national junior boss badminton coach Sanjay Mishra The job is to coordinate with your senior counterpart Gopichand and continue to supply quality shuttles to the Indian team.

Raipur-based Mishra has been performing his duty brilliantly since taking office in 2017. Thanks to his efforts, several junior ferries, including Lakshya Sen , Gayatri Gopichand and Malvika Bansod have successfully entered the high-ranking national squad.

However, he is playing a different role these days and he is enjoying it too. For almost two months, players cannot practice on the courts. It is a long period. It was fine initially, as they thought they were getting much-needed rest. But now they are frustrated and eager to go to the courts, Mishra said. TOI on Wednesday.

He said he is constantly in touch with all the junior Indian players and guides them to make the most of this blocking period.

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I am playing the role of a mentor as well as that of a parent. Since energy levels are low due to being locked up at home, I am continually motivating players. Keeping them motivated and optimistic are the key factors.

I told all players to make the most of the current situation by thoroughly analyzing their respective games, said Mishra, who was instrumental in bringing the Indian U-19 team back in time from Berlin in March the first week before the Coronavirus spread rapidly in Germany.

Mishra has told the players to maintain their fitness level and to be ready when they resume training. Most players don't have a lot of space in their respective homes. In a limited space, they are doing the best they can with their regular exercise routine.

Aspects of meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and mental toughness are being followed. It will help them as they graduate to the next level in the future, said Mishra, who regularly represents India at the Masters World Cup.

He has given the example of Malvika Bansod and how he is using space in his home. The Malvika in Nagpur has a lot of space in her house. She regularly does shadow exercises like she does on the court.

I want all players to be absolutely ready when the situation improves hopefully in the coming weeks. They shouldn't waste time trying to adjust to the situation when they resume training, said Mishra, who will turn 52 on May 9.