The League's expansion plans in India could decrease due to a pandemic: Cachaça

NEW DELHI: COVID-19 pandemic could affect the league Expansion plans in India said the league head of the vibrant Asian market on Thursday, as the Spanish soccer giant desperately seeks to avoid a loss of Rs 80 billion.

If the season is not completed, the organization will face a loss of Rs 80,000 crore.

The the league clubs returned to training this week after the Spanish government gave permission following weeks of strict coronavirus-enforced lockdown in the country that has witnessed thousands of fatalities due to the pandemic.

the league is involved in a range of activities in India, one of its strategic partners, including running soccer schools.

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When asked during a video conference how the pandemic will affect its expansion plans in Asia, Jose Antonio Cachaza , Managing Director, LaLiga India, said there is a possibility of a slowdown.

We know that Asia is one of the main markets for us and India is our strategic market. I must say that maybe things will be delayed because we are going to face an economic crisis around the world, Cachaza said from Madrid.

Regarding impact, we may not know it at the moment, but we are still one of the largest brands in the world.

the league , the organising body for Spain's top two football divisions, contributed $17.9 billion to the country's economy during the 2016/17 season, according to a study by consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

According to Cachaza, it contributes 1.4 percent to Spain's GDP.

LaLiga contributes 1.4 percent to Spain's GDP. With this pandemic, there were two challenges for us: one is to combat the health crisis and the other is to combat the economic crisis.

In the case of soccer in Spain, the impact of the league not returning this season would be Rs 80 billion rupees, he said.

The team's training sessions began under a set of new protocols designed for the safety of players amid the current crisis that has wreaked havoc around the world.

We expect positive cases when it resumes and we are ready for that.

In India, the the league Football Schools They are providing electronic training to the children during the closure.

the league along with India On Track is organising 60 sessions a week and so far over 1500 kids have already attended the programme from eight cities across India.

This initiative is part of the global project undertaken by the the league Sports Projects Department called the league at Home.

the league coaches are communicating digitally with the students via various training modules which includes physical, mental and skill development.

The program has been further expanded to include children who may not be enrolled in field centers and has made training available to interested students between the ages of 5 and 18.

These children can attend a free trial session and participate in a group or individual session with international coaches, for a small fee.

"As people all over the globe pledged to fight the pandemic, the league is committed to contributing towards the society through its various initiatives during an unprecedented period of difficulty and uncertainty," said Cachaza.

"In India, we are communicating digitally with our students at the league Football schools that have seen more than 1500 students so far who are being upskilled via various training modules that aim to bring the passion for the sport into their homes during such difficult times.

We hope that these initiatives help us engage and expand our fan base to a much broader and more diverse audience and help us spread the joy of soccer.