Founder of Kodava no more family hockey tournament

BENGALURU Pandanda Kuttappa who started the Kodava Family Hockey Tournament In 1997, he died in Bangalore on Thursday, family members said.

Kuttappa, 86, is survived by his wife, two daughters, and his son. Their last rites would be performed in Bangalore.

Popularly known as Uncle Kuttani, Kuttappa further popularized this game and brought together families separated by love of the game and pride, the sources added.

According to the members of the Kodava community, the tournament became so popular that people started coming from different parts of the state and country to attend 'Namme', or the 'tournament'.

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The desire to take part in the tournament popularized the sports in the region and gave birth to many sports talent among the Kodava s.

Recognizing his contribution, the state government awarded him the Rajyotsava Prize in 2015.