World Athletics Day: Yuvraj Singh encourages people to challenge their limitations

NEW DELHI: Former Indian Swordsman Cricket Player Yuvraj Singh , on the occasion of the world Athletics Day encouraged people to challenge their limitations and do their best to conquer their goals.

He also said never be discouraged by the fall while greatness awaits on the other side.

Taking to Twitter former all-rounder wrote, "A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. This #World Athletics Day I encourage you to challenge your limitations and keep on pushing till you achieve your goals. You may fall down but don't forget to get up again because greatness awaits you on the other side."

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The 38-year-old had announced his retirement from the world. Cricket on July 10 of last year.

The 2011 World Cup was memorable for Yuvraj, as he was named Player of the Tournament and played an important role in India by winning the trophy.

In the tournament, Yuvraj scored 362 runs and took 15 wickets. In a career that spanned over 304 ODIs, 58 T20Is and 40 Tests, Yuvraj imprinted his place in the echelons of Cricket as a player who could pretty much win matches for his side either through his electric fielding, deceiving bowling or fierce batting.

Big events brought out the best in him - be it his international Cricket entry at 2000 ICC Champions Trophy, the mind-blowing hitting exhibition at the opening of the 2007 World Twenty20 or the full performance at the 2011 World Cup.

The World Athletics Day was introduced by the IAAF to increase awareness about athletics and to encourage the youth to take up sports. Although this day is celebrated in the month of May every year, in 2020, the IAAF marked May 7 as the World Athletics Day.