When Hadlee had to offer vacations to her peers to keep her prize

WELLINGTON: Can a car presented as a prize have a price? Sure he did for the New Zealand rhythm legend Richard Hadlee who had to offer his teammates a week off to take one home in 1986.

Hadlee had won an Alfa Romeo Saloon as an award for being recognized as the international cricket player of the year after his exploits in Australia in a 1985-86 test series in which he collected 33 wickets in three games, guiding his first series. of evidence. win down down.

But there was a little problem taking it home: the Black Caps put each cash prize into a team pool.

... there was a presentation on the Sydney Cricket Ground , and they presented me with the car keys and (they) were going to send the car to New Zealand, which I thought was nice Hadlee he remembered while talking to Ian Smith on a 'Sky Sports' podcast.

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There was a point of difference. It was an 'object', if you like. It wasn't until we were on the plane home that management told me, 'Richard, you're going to have to sell the car and put the money into team funds.

Hadlee said he was determined to keep the car.

I said, 'What if I want to keep the car?', And he said, 'You would have to take money out of your own pocket in team funds' at whatever value the car is. I think it was NZD 30 -35,000, something like that.

Hadlee said he eventually offered his teammates a week's holiday at his Lake Taupo resort to ensure that he could keep the car.

I think the stigma of keeping the car went on for a long, long time, he said.

I like to think it's all over now, but there were some people who were very, very bitter about the decision.