Brescia captain Daniele Gastaldello says her team opposes the restart

Brescia captain Daniele Gastaldello He says his entire squad is opposed to resuming the Serie A soccer season amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Gastaldello tells the Italian newspaper the Republic `` We don't feel safe. They are asking us to resume training and to return to the field immediately ... It is jeopardizing the safety of all players. ''

He says: `` I am speaking for myself and my teammates '' and adds that it is not worth it `` if the price of resuming us is that we are seriously injured ''.

Most clubs in the Italian league are resuming training on an individual basis this week but last-place Brescia is one of the holdouts.

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Brescia is one of areas hit hardest by the virus but Gastaldello says he was never tested.

He says, `` We will know if we have had it only once they test us before training. ''

Brescia president Massimo Cellino He has also been a vociferous opponent to resume the season, but says it is not because he wants his club to avoid relegation.

The Italian government has not yet approved the resumption of the season.