The joy that my dog ​​brings me during this confinement is immense: Prasanthi Singh

Continuous blocking could be giving boring moments for many, but not for the Padma Shri award-winning basketball player Prasanthi Singh . The Varanasi-born den, currently in Delhi, was unable to return to Banaras due to the closure. its pet , a Lhasa Apso , maintains the optimistic spirit for Prashanti and her sister Divya, during these quite challenging times.n “Joy Singh, as we have called her, is the pure joy in our lives. She is part of all our activities, including home workouts. In case you want to do some floor exercises, she's there on the mat before I even get off to start. If i'm doing something exercises in the open area in our house, she ensures that it goes hassle free since she keeps herself busy chasing the monkeys and keeping them at bay. When I am in the middle of some strenuous exercise, I suddenly find her sitting in my lap. Workout is good fun when she is around. Her energy is infectious and that keeps me motivated. I never feel the monotony of working out at home because of her,” says Prashanti. “Joy is such a pampered pet that she wants to eat everything from our plate and seeks an opportunity to sneak into our bed. She is not only pampered but jealous as well. If I display affection for anyone she will hover around me till I give her due attention,” says Prashanti with a laugh.

The shuttler in action during one of the games (BCCL)The shuttler in action during one of the games (BCCL)

The Arjuna awardee believes that remaining fit is essential for everyone, especially for a sportsperson. “In the present scenario, with limited resources, to workout at home is a tough task but I make it a point to do it regularly. Apart from the strengthening exercises , which I do every day, I try to bring novelty in my regimen on a daily basis. Sometimes I do vigorous skipping while on some days it is plank core exercises . So that breaks the monotony of working out in isolation.”