GM Iniyan to hold 'Chess Marathon' to raise money for COVID-19 victims

CHENNAI: Grandmaster P Iniyan will join the likes of Viswanathan Anand and another Chess players who are contributing to the COVID-19 victims The 17-year-old Erode is organizing a 'Chess Marathon' from May 15 to 17 where he will face hundreds of players one after another in blitz format.

Iniyan's effort is unique, as he will be the only player to play against participants in the competition. This event would take place on an international gaming portal. Anyone can join this event. The minimum donation to play in this event is 150 rupees and there is no upper limit for the donation. Proceeds from the entire event will go to the Chief Minister and relief funds from Prime Minister Iniyan, India's 61st Grand Master, told TOI on Wednesday.

Iniyan is expected to play from 9am to 9pm with some breaks in between. We hope to have more than 300 players at the event. If there are more participants then I can increase the number of days from three to possibly five. For now, we are left with only three days. I will also analyze one of the games of each of the participants. It would be a great challenge that will be physically demanding and will also test my skills in the game, Iniyan said. In an attempt to stay in good shape before this physically exhausting exercise, Iniyan has been rigorously working on his fitness for the past few weeks. I've been running on the treadmill at home and it keeps me nimble, Iniyan said.

On what prompted him to organize such an event, Iniyan said, "We were seeing several people getting affected by COVID-19 . I was keen on doing something from my end. My father came up with this idea of having a fundraising event where my Chess skills could be made use of. We began working on the details and are eager to do out bit," said Iniyan.

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