Iniesta calls children born for his goal against Chelsea in 2009

Former Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta celebrated the 11th anniversary of its famous Champions League semi-final strike against Chelsea calling two children conceived after their tie goal.

Barcelona were two minutes from being eliminated from the Champions League in a tense second leg at Stamford bridge on May 6, 2009, when Iniesta picked up a pass from Lionel Messi and stroked the ball in the top corner from outside the box.

His goal secured a 1-1 draw, sending the Spanish team to the final in Rome with the away goal rule, and sparked a lot of celebration at home.

Nine months later, those celebrations had a rather unexpected result, with maternity hospitals in Barcelona telling local media that they were struggling to cope with demand amid a rise in the city's birth rate.

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Ignacio's mother, Andrea Barri, told Iniesta that she discovered she was pregnant just before traveling to the final, where Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0.

If I had told my mother before traveling, she wouldn't have wanted me to go to the game. So I told him on the plane, he added.

"You told her on the plane you were pregnant and we ended up winning the Champions League , everything was perfect then," Iniesta replies.

Josep Enric, who was born on January 29, told Iniesta that he is his favorite player along with Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué.

They showed me the video of the goal you scored before I was born. We were all celebrating, added the 10-year-old boy.

Enric's father, Josep Salvat, told Iniesta that it was his brother who connected the dots between the goal and his son's birthday.

My older brother is a big Barça fan, soccer is almost a religion for him, Salvat said. He was the one who went and looked at the calendar and did the calculations.

I remember how much we celebrated that goal, everything was lost, but your goal gave us immense joy.