David Warner beats for five-match test series against India

NEW DELHI: Opening Batter David Warner he became the first current Australian player to openly come out in support of a five-game test series between India and Australia later this year. The Indian team is slated to travel down for a four-game test series, starting in December. However, a couple of weeks ago. Cricket australia (CA) proposed turning the four-game test series into a five-game contest in an effort to find ways to compensate for the financial losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Warner stepped in for a five-game test series as he felt it would represent a greater challenge for players on both sides.

The five-match test series would be absolutely incredible. It is an adequate test series, Warner said, as he spoke about the concern of TOI's sister, Cricbuzz.

He added: Five test tests is a challenge, it is very difficult. That's what Cricket Test is all about. I have been to India and even a three match test series is very difficult there. If you spend 160 envelopes in the field, in 45 degree heat, then open the batting at 4 o'clock in the afternoon on day 2, then you have to put on your dance shoes. You have cramps, you are sore, your whole body is tired; are the challenges that those the surroundings bring. Getting India to come here (in Australia) to play a series of 5-match trials will be a great challenge.

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Warner calculated Jasprit Bumrah He will prove to be Australia's chief nemesis if the tour takes place.

He (Bumrah) is so difficult to measure a rhythm. There is no rhythm in Bumrah bowling and that is why it is so difficult to choose. And it's sharp.

If it's behind a length, then it's hitting the knee and not going over the stumps. If he is completely full, he can swing and swing late. You have the one that moves away from the left-handed and then you have the one that keeps the line. So it is very difficult to get a signal out of your hand because of its action: everything is distorted, it is not normal. Everything works for him, the explosive hitter reflected.

Among Ishant Sharma's Indian rhythm bowling trio, Mohammed Shami and Bumrah, Warner considered Bumrah to be the most difficult to play.