Emotions are high for Satyajit Chatterjee and Subrata Bhattacharya

KOLKATA: Satyajit Chatterjee The association in Mohun Bagan's stay in the NFL/I-League is unique and exceptional. He was a player on two title-winning teams, became an assistant coach before moving on to take over for a brief period. Later, he was a member of the technical committee and is now in the administration of the club.

It's great to be associated with Mohun Bagan in his I-League journey in different roles. There have been several challenges and I have always tried to do my best, he said. “It has been a brilliant trip for the club. It would have been better if the success rate had been higher, but it is a very competitive league and many clubs over the years have formed strong teams with quality Indian and foreign players.

The former midfielder took a trip down memory lane.

“We couldn't qualify the first time. Sisir Ghosh and I were the older players and unfortunately we were suspended before the playoffs. However, we got to play the following season and became champions. We triumphed twice in a row after that too. Bagan was truly a dominant force during that time with some fantastic aliens like Igor Shkvyrin, Sammy Omollo, Jose Ramirez Barreto , Dusit Chalermsan and Stephen Abarowei along with Indians such as Debjit Ghosh, Dulal Biswas, RP Singh and Dipendu Biswas . After my game days ended, I stayed with the club in one way or another, said the club's current deputy secretary general.

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“We missed titles for a mustache in 2000-01, 2008-09, and 2015-16. If we had won two of them, it would have been incredible.

In the meantime, Bhattacharya Subrata - who led the green and the maroons to the summit twice - calls it an emotional journey. “My relationship with this club is personal and emotional. So it's been my journey in the league. My first title (in 1999-2000) is still the most special since it was quite exciting. As for the club, they have been champions five times, which says it has been a good campaign overall.