Assam wants me to leave China to invest here

GUWAHATI: The Assam government has relocated the center, the trade bodies of Japan and the United States to advise American, Japanese, and Korean companies considering moving their production facilities from China to India to establish their production facilities in Assam for the strategic location advantage of the state, vast natural resources, robust and reliable.

“It is happening that many American, Japanese and Korean companies are contemplating moving their production facilities from China to India. To attract these companies, the Government of Assam has contacted the Department for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), the Government of India, External Japan (JETRO), the EE Business Council. USA And India and United States Chamber of Commerce to facilitate and advise those companies to set up their production facilities in Assam, as the State has a strategic location advantage, vast natural resources, robust industrial infrastructure and reliable connectivity, said Assam's minister of industry and trade.

He added that the state department of industries and commerce is also in contact with DPIIT and JETRO to establish a Japanese industrial municipality in Assam to attract investment from Japanese industries.

Industries in Assam contribute 39% of state GDP and provide direct employment to approximately four lakh persons and indirect employment to around 20 lakh persons. Most industries, which closed during the shutdown period and severely affected the state's economy, have now reopened.

Assam's government issued revised guidelines dated May 5 that allow all industries in the state with their supply chain to restart without the need for special permission. All staff working there can also travel to work at any time. Warehouses, drop-offs, vehicles carrying goods, all construction activities have also been allowed to continue at all times, added Patowary.