World Rugby publishes guidelines for the return of rugby activities

DUBLIN (Ireland): The World rugby on Wednesday published guidelines for the safe return to rugby activities in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Developed by medical experts following consultation with union chief medical officers, competition owners and players, the guidelines are intended to assist unions, clubs and competitions in creating a framework and policy for return to rugby activity within their respective jurisdictions.

Unions and competition owners must comply with local laws and policies implemented by the government or local authorities regarding COVID-19, including travel and social distancing measures.

"For the avoidance of doubt, this does not mean that matches will have to be played behind closed doors until a vaccine is available - the strategy will be determined by the respective national government directives, the World rugby said in a statement.

Brief notices

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The guidelines have two main sections that contain important information.

The first section provides security information to everyone involved in the game, including players, coaches, support and administrative personnel.

The second section provides a framework around which national unions can prepare best practice policies and guidelines for return to activity that are appropriate for their local environment, complying with national guidelines on social distancing and travel restrictions.

The guidelines, which comply with the World Health Organization (WHO), describe three specific phases of return to training with a time limit: small group training, full group contactless training and full contact training.

It also documents the environment for returning to party action in a national, cross-border and continental context and processes for the preparation of facilities and stadiums.

World rugby Chairman Sir Bill Beaumont He said: We are all missing the sport we know and love, and while it is difficult not to play or train, the advice of the respective governments and authorities must be followed.

" World rugby , in full partnership with unions and players, has been busy behind the scenes ensuring that everything is in place for a safe and speedy return to the sport when it is appropriate to do so," he added.