Covid-19: On-site construction restores hope to workers in Delhi

NEW DELHI: With extended relaxation for construction on the site, the stranded gradually began to see some light after more than 40 days of national lockdown that forced them to be out of a job.

Construction activities in the national capital halted shortly after the national closure. But just two days after the Delhi government ordered the relaxation for construction activities, the abandoned construction sites have begun to resurface.

In areas such as construction activities on the CR Park Block A, they have gradually begun to return to normal, with the few workers who remained on the construction site during the closure, continuing the construction work that remained during the closure.

However, in view of cement laminating machines, bricklaying workers are still not as common as they were before closing, but construction workers and builders see the start as a good sign for the economy.

For 40 days we depended on food provided by the government, we had run out of money in the first days of closing. But now, with contractors telling us that work will resume, it's a relief, said Baburam, who hails from Rampur and was stranded on a construction site in the South Delhi area.

Baburam and four other workers lived on the construction site during the closure, and with the recent relaxation, many other workers like themselves who were stranded on the sites are now able to resume work.

Even in areas like MP flats, construction activities have started, but with a smaller workforce, supervisors here still claim that this is at least better than a total stop to activities.

At least we are working, our workers will be paid, we will be paid despite the drag speed, things are at least normalizing, a supervisor here said when he requested anonymity.

The Delhi government had allowed construction work to begin in the national capital on Sunday, with conditions that no worker had to travel to work, leaving construction on site as the only alternative.

Construction activities will be allowed to operate where workers are available on site and are not required to be brought in from outside, the government order says.