Madhya Pradesh: Convict cuts private parts, offers it to deity

BHOPAL: A 25-year-old murder convict cut his genitals inside the central prison on Tuesday morning, and told horrified prisoners that he had dreamed that God wanted him to do it and offer it in the prison temple.

Convict Vishnu Singh used a sharp spoon, which prisoners often illegally keep, to bobbitize.

Singh was found bleeding around 6.30 p.m. and taken to a government hospital, where doctors attempted reconstructive surgery, but to no avail, prison superintendent Manoj Sahu said.

His condition remains critical.

He is serving a life sentence and entered prison in October 2018.

Today he went to the Shiva temple, castrated himself with a sharp-edged spoon, and offered it to the deity, Sahu said, adding that the convict is not married.

Authorities are investigating the incident.