J&K dist court orders investigate 2 medical malpractice cases

SRINAGAR: And the sitting judge on Monday ordered an impartial investigation into the deaths of two pregnant women in the district last week due to medical negligence. While one woman had died in the sub-district hospital, the other had died in the government hospital after giving birth to two stillborn babies. This second woman was found to be Covid positive after her death and her final rites.

The body of the woman who had died in the sub-district hospital was brought home in a road cart, as the hospital authorities allegedly refused an ambulance for her relatives.

A video of the body transported in the car through the empty streets of the city, with relatives crying, went viral on social networks last week. This created ripples in social circles and people demanded immediate action against the hospital staff who made the mistake. Following public outrage, hospital authorities suspended a doctor and nurse in this case.

Noting the alleged mismanagement of medical emergencies by district hospitals, Judge Kachroo ordered a high-level investigation into the two cases and commissioned the investigation into Anantnag's SSP.

On the second case, Judge Kachroo's order said: ... a pregnant woman had come to the Bijbehara government hospital. The doctors on duty did not attend her. As a result, they left her unattended and, due to an apparent lack of medical care, gave birth to dead twins and died. Although the twins' bodies were released to family members, the woman's body was kept in the hospital and her samples were taken to find out if she was having a coronavirus infection. Even before his reports came back, which were positive for Covid in any case, the body was turned over to his legal heirs.

On Tuesday, the Anantnag district magistrate briefed the media on the cases involving the two pregnant women, one from Kharpora and the other from Salia Seer, and formed a committee under the supervision of their ADC to investigate the cases according to Judge Kachroo's order.