COVID-19: Ashok Malhotra Thanks Players for Contributing to ICA Initiative

NEW DELHI: Indian Cricket Association (ICA) boss Ashok Malhotra thanked all the players who participated in the ICA The initiative to help former cricketers in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

The initiative that ICA had started is proceeding well and there is good collection through it. I would like to thank the players, who took part in this and donated a substantial amount. I also thank the ones who made small donations. No matter how much you contribute, we are grateful to you, Malhotra told ANI.

Women cricketers also participated in this and we cannot forget their contribution as well. We will select the players who will benefit from this initiative before May 15 or 16. So far, the initiative is going in the right direction, he added.

Malhotra announced on April 23 that the association would assist former cricketers, who are not winning and do not receive any pension from the Control Board for Cricket In India ( BCCI ), as the country is under coronavirus-induced blockade.

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The ICA plans to donate Rs 15 lakh from its fund, and the members are also likely to chip in with separate contributions. The assistance will be provided to the veteran players on a monthly basis until the crisis subsides.

Malhotra said they want to help a broad spectrum of players through this initiative, and not just coronavirus-affected players.

We do not want to restrict this welfare fund to help players affected by the coronavirus, we will also help players who may need help with medical expenses, etc., he said.