Tennis star Dominic Thiem participates in a global charity run

NEW DELHI: the seventh annual Wings for Life World Run was held on Sunday and over 77,000 people from 104 countries participated worldwide to achieve what had seemed impossible in the current situation. They ran, walked or rolled from their homes in this year's Wings for Life World Run charity event.

Separated by distance but united in spirit, they raised € 2.8 million for the investigation of spinal cord injuries.

Nina Zarina of Russia won her second consecutive Women's World Championship with 54.23 km. Michael Taylor of Great Britain captured his first men's World Championship with 69.92 km.

The global charity run also saw over 400 Indians running for the noble cause raising over 1250 Euros (Rs 1, 00,000) through donations, fundraising and regular entry fee via The Wings for Life World Run app while adhering to social-distancing norms.

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The charity race also saw star-studded Red Bull athletes as world number 3 tennis star Dominic Thiem and skiers Lindsey Vonn and Marcel Hirscher running for the noble cause.

Lindsey Vonn, the greatest female skier of all time, said, It's incredible that so many people have come together for the Wings for Life World Run. There's no other race like it. So many events had to be canceled, and there's this one thing where we could participate together for a good cause.

Austrian ski legend Marcel Hirscher stated: It was great to be a part of this. Running with the app was something new and a lot of fun. It's really something to keep in mind that over 77,000 started in the same second.

Thiem concluded: It is a great initiative, and it is for a great cause, because I really hope, and I am pretty sure, that one day they will be able to heal the spinal cord injury. That would be sensational and for sure a great day in history.

Across the world, viewers followed the Race online through a 'Live Experience' entertainment center with statistics, stories and posts from the participants themselves.

The eighth edition of the Wings for Life World Run will take place on Sunday.