Government raises unfair oil-diesel prices: Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: Calling rising gasoline and diesel prices unfair, Congressional leader Rahul Gandhi On Wednesday he said that when the fight against is causing economic difficulties for all, the government has raised prices instead of reducing them.

It demanded the immediate reversal of the increase in fuel prices.

The ongoing battle with him is causing serious financial difficulties for our millions of brothers and sisters. Right now, instead of lowering prices, the government's decision to increase gasoline and diesel prices by Rs 10-13 per liter is unfair and should be withdrawn, he said in a Hindi tweet.

His comments come after the central government raised excise duties and consumption of gasoline by Rs 10 per liter and diesel by Rs 13 per liter.

However, gasoline and diesel retail prices have not been affected by the increase in excise duties and the cessation, as oil companies will adjust them against the recent drop in international crude oil prices.

Gas prices in the national capital rose by Rs 1.67 per liter and diesel by Rs 7.10 per liter after the Delhi government increased the local sales tax or value added tax (VAT) on the two fuels.

Gasoline in Delhi now costs Rs 71.26 per liter compared to Rs 69.59 previously, oil industry sources said. The price of diesel has risen to Rs 69.39 per liter from Rs 62.29.