Returning from Surat, the Rajasthan worker is quarantined in a tree

JAIPUR: an 18-year-old migrant worker in Udaipur The district climbed a tree and stayed there for three days to socially distance itself from its family amid the crown pandemic. However, the town's sarpanch and a few other villagers persuaded him to come down on Tuesday. They have assured the worker of all help and have asked him to sleep in a crib outside his home.

Rawat arrived from Surat in a truck on May 2. For the safety of her family, she decided to quarantine a tree near her home.

“We had no job left in Surat. Somehow, I managed to return to my town. But it was difficult to quarantine me at home. We have only two rooms and seven members, ”Ishwar said.

The quarantine facilities at the school have no electricity.

My one year old nephew is quite mischievous and will not stay away. Therefore, I decided to build a temporary structure on the neem tree in my house with wood, tin and put a mattress on it, ”Ishwar said. The two brothers also arrived from Mumbai on May 4 after facing immense difficulties in reaching the village. They have decided to stay in separate rooms in their home, but showed their appreciation for their brother's decision. Ishwar's older brother Pappu Lal Rawat said: “We did not force him to stay in a tree. But the house is small and we don't have enough space to isolate everyone. His sacrifice in times of crisis for the good of the family is commendable. ”

Ishwar used to stay in the tree all day and also sleep there. Except for eating and relieving himself, he had rarely come down. Village sarpanch Laxman Rawat, however, objected. “We have built a proper quarantine facility at the village school. But, he refused to stay there and decided to stay in a tree. This is not absolutely necessary, said Rawat. Ishwar's father, Bhamru Lal Rawat, said there was no electricity at the school, forcing his son to stay in the tree.

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