Delhi: a drunk man crashes into the Qutub Minar perimeter wall

NEW DELHI: In a unique case of tipper problems eating up part of Delhi's history, about 50 meters from the iconic Qutub Minar perimeter wall was damaged in the early hours of May 4 after a car crashed against him.

The driver, identified as, was drunk when he drove against the Qutub Minar wall, and was rescued from the wreckage by guards on duty, minutes before an explosion destroyed the car. The driver, who suffered minor injuries, was later taken by the police, while the fire department was called to put down the fire.

Subsequently, ASI filed a complaint at the Mehrauli police station, calling for strict measures against the errant driver, and said that he should be made to pay a fine equal to the cost of damage to the heritage site, which is also owned by the government.

Speaking to TOI, archaeologist superintendent (Delhi circle) Gunjan Srivastava said: “After the incident, we have deployed a team to Qutub Minar to assess damage to the heritage site. About 50 meters from the wall have been damaged. ASI has asked the police to remove the debris from outside the heritage site immediately.

ASI sources said the incident occurred around 3 a.m. on May 4, when a highly intoxicated Chauhan drove his Hyundai Verna against the perimeter walls of the Qutub Minar.

Unable to get out alone, Chauhan had to be helped out of the car by ASI guards. It is unclear how he escaped attention despite the blockade due to the coronavirus pandemic.