Realtor Bennet and Bernard to step up home designs

BENGALURU: Property developer Bennet&is improving their design initiatives in their homes by considering lifestyle changes in consumer behavior patterns in the post COVID-19 times. The company has implemented structural and design modifications, such as redistribution of air flow and oxygen supply, as well as the implementation of elements for rapid absorption of carbon dioxide in their homes to improve hygiene and health. The design flow of light scheme selection, placement, and painting is enhanced to add to existing green technology approaches in their properties.

It is important now to personalize relevant technologies in homes that would incorporate modern habitat design with traditional practices, as the new COVID-19 situation hopes that we will improve our holistic approach, said the founder and president.

The Goa-based company says the improved designs will also incorporate aspects like versatile workspaces, community greenery, contactless delivery, and self-support. With work from home ready to become a part of life, you are creating an exclusive space that will impart an office feel. The designs are being executed to help maintain privacy and provide a noise-free environment in certain sections of houses to ensure minimal distraction.

It is now critical to think innovatively for the future and alter our course to a new charter, said the co-owner and director.