India's Covid-19 count increases to 49,391, death toll 1,694

NEW DELHI: With 2,958 new cases and 126 new deaths, India's count on Wednesday rose to 49,391, the Health Ministry said.

In a morning update, the Ministry of Health said that of the total of 33,514 are active cases, and so far 1,694 deaths have been reported.

At least 14,182 people have been cured and discharged from the hospital, while one person has migrated to another country.

Maharashtra reported the highest number of cases 15,525 and 617 deaths followed by Gujarat with a total of 6,245 cases and 368 deaths. The national capital reported 5,104 cases and 64 deaths so far. The states that saw a sharp increase in cases are Tamil Nadu (4,058), Rajasthan (3,158), and Madhya Pradesh (3,049).

Dadar Nagar Haveli Union territory entered the list with its first case. No cases have been reported from here until now.

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Northeast Tripura state reported a sudden increase in cases and has 43 cases now and has the same number of cases as other northeastern state of Assam.

Other states that reported a significant number of cases are Uttar Pradesh (2,880), Andhra Pradesh (1,717), West Bengal (1,344), and Telangana (1,096).

The states that reported more than 500 cases are Bihar (536), Haryana (548), Jammu and Kashmir (741), Karnataka (671) and Kerala (502).