David Warner explains similarities between him and Virat Kohli

SYDNEY - Cricket Player from Australia David Warner has tried to name similarities between himself and the patron saint of India Virat Kohli . Warner stated that they are both driven by passion whenever they are on the field playing for their respective countries.

I can't speak for Virat, obviously, but it's almost as if we have this when we go (in the middle) we need to show that people are wrong, to show that someone is wrong, Warner said.

If you're in that contest, and if I go against him, for example, you're thinking, 'Okay, I'm going to score more runs than him, I'm going to give him a quick single.'

You're trying to improve that person in that game. That's where the passion comes from, he added.

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Warner also explained the small battles that form within the great war whenever India and Australia compete with each other.

Obviously you want to win the game, but you almost divided it into: if I can score more runs than Virat, or if Pujara scores more runs than Steve Smith , you have these little contests and this is how you try to reduce the game in the sense that if we do these little things, we can be at the forefront of the game or we can be behind the game, Warner said

Passion is driven by ... I know my meaning: one, the will to win and two, wanting to do better than that person in the opposition.