Domestic manufacturers can produce 2.5 lakh PPE, 2 lakh N-95 masks per day, GoM reported

NEW DELHI: Domestic manufacturers have reached the capacity to produce almost 2.5 lakh of PPE and 2 lakh of N-95 masks per day, which is enough to meet the country's requirements to face the new pandemic in the near future, the group of ministers (GoM) at COVID-19 has been informed.

The GoM, which held its fourteenth meeting under the chairmanship of the Union health minister on Tuesday, discussed various aspects related to the performance, impact and benefits of the Aarogya Setu application.

He also highlighted the need to guarantee strict measures for the quality control of personal protective equipment (PPE), masks, fans, among others.

The GoM was informed that about 9 crore users had downloaded the Aarogya Setu application on May 4.

People have reported their health status on the app that has helped track those suffering from any symptoms of COVID-19 containment, a statement from the health ministry said.

The GoM was also informed that a mechanism has been designed to reach people who have landlines or featured phones through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) in local languages ​​for better results, he said.

Vardhan said the use of technology is integral to the containment strategy and is helping states manage the deadly disease more effectively.

The GoM also highlighted random batch sampling to ensure compliance and adherence to quality standards, according to the statement.

He said that a detailed presentation on the current status of COVID-19 cases was made globally and within the country to the GoM, and states were asked to further follow and strengthen their contingency plans to combat the infection on the basis of district classification.

The meeting also discussed various other measures on strengthening state capacity, including allocating adequate resources to create dedicated COVID-19 hospitals, equipping medical institutions with an adequate number of PPE, ventilators, and other essential equipment. .

The GoM was informed that the mortality rate of patients with COVID-19 is around 3.2 percent, while the recovery rate is over 25 percent, which can be taken as a positive effect of the blockade in the country along with the group's management and containment strategy, the statement said.

The GoM was also informed that the genome sequencing of strains of the new coronavirus isolated from patients in different parts of the country has begun.

The Union's Secretary of the Interior, Ajay Kumar Bhalla, President of the Empowered Group -11 informed the GoM that they are monitoring and supervising the strategic problems derived from the measures taken so far to contain the pandemic.

It also informed the GoM that at different stages during the shutdown, decisions on gradual liberalization were made after consultations with stakeholders, going through various ministries and other Empowered Groups, according to the statement.

Secretary MeitY and the president of Empowered Group-9 made a presentation on technology solutions and data management to combat COVID-19, according to the statement.

“The Government of the Interior was also told that, under the Package of Prime Minister Garib Kalyan (PMGKP), as on May 4, 29.38 lakh MT of food grains have been distributed to 58.77 million crore beneficiaries for 36 states/UT as first month right (April).

A total of 5.82 lakh MT of food grains has been distributed to 11.63 million crore beneficiaries across 20 states and UT as the second month (May) right so far, the statement said.

In total, to date, 66.08 lakh MT of food grains have been raised by 36 states and UT of the Food Corporation of India, he said.

“An amount of Rs 6,868.74 crore was transferred to the beneficiaries of Ujjwala (PMUY). In addition, 4.98 crore of PMUY cylinders have been reserved and 4.72 crore have been delivered during April-May.

A financial penalty has been generated for 8.18 million crore (farmers) at Rs 2,000 each during 2020-21 and Rs 16,364 crore have been released under DBT cash transfers to farmers during the same period, the statement added.

In support of seniors, widows and ‘divyang ', the first installment of Rs 500 per beneficiary has been released to Rs 2,812 million from eligible beneficiaries, which is Rs 1,405 million. The next delivery of 500 rupees will be made in the second fortnight, according to the statement.

“To date, Rs.20.05 million of women are credited with Rs.500 per account as cash transfers under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyana Package (PMGKP). Furthermore, 9.27 lakh members of the (EPFO) had taken advantage of the possibility of online withdrawal worth Rs 2,895 crore ”, he added.