Martyr Colonel Ashutosh Sharma never looked for a job, the army was his passion

JAIPUR: Thirteen attempts and six and a half years later, the colonel realized his dream of becoming an officer. The family said Sharma did not even try any other profession and had difficulty joining the defense services. Sharma, who was martyred in Handwara during an anti-terror operation, always wanted to join the army. According to his family, the only regret was that he was unable to wear the brown beret, a synonym for joining as a parachutist. His mortal remains were brought to Jaipur on Monday and the funeral is scheduled for Tuesday.

The martyr's family vividly remembers his passion for joining the army, although it took a lot of effort and the fight was real to accomplish what he had set out to do. The deceased soldier's older brother, Piyush Sharma, visibly suffocated by his words, told TOI: “Ashutosh always had one goal, which was to join the army. It was an uphill task but he never gave up. It would clear the written exam, but it was the Service Selection Board (SSB) interviews that it didn't erase until it finally did on the thirteenth attempt.

Piyush is only a year older than the Colonel. “Although we had a wonderful childhood, there was a time when our family was going through a serious financial crisis. Ashutosh had no money to go to the SSB interviews, but he traveled in class to sleep and slept next to the toilets after scattering newspapers on the floor. He was so focused and hard working. In fact, even I wanted to join the army but couldn't because of the circumstances. He lived the dream for both of us, ”he said. As a source of motivation for the family, the martyr's nephew decided to continue the tradition and said that he would also join 19 Guardsmen, which was his uncle's parents' unit.