Gujarat Kerala is a containment area

AHMEDABAD: Among the Indian states, Kerala has been applauded worldwide for its containment strategy regarding Covid-19. But Kerala projects a different image: it is marked with red color in the list of containment areas, although it is not a critical point of positive cases.

This small town is located 40 kilometers from Ahmedabad. In contrast to the state of Kerala, this town is surrounded by a vast industrial area, the GIDC. As the entire Ahmedabad district has been marked as a red zone, Kerala also faces complete restrictions on human movement and commercial activities.

This town has only one positive case of Covid-19 active, and has been treated with rather harsh treatment. On Sunday, the Ahmedabad district harvester placed 125 families, some 413 people, in the B R Steel Pvt Ltd area in the town under containment. In addition, the extended area of ​​the town of 30 families has been placed in the buffer zone.

The district collector has marked 16 containment areas in rural areas of Ahmedabad district based on 28 active positive Covid-19 cases. There are 9,284 people from 2,511 families who are in containment areas. In the buffer zones, there are 11,883 people in 3,266 families.

In total, there are 54 positive cases of Covid-19 in rural Ahmedabad compared to over 4,000 positive cases detected in the city of Ahmedabad.