Gaur walks the streets of Mangaluru, dies later

MANGALURU: Mannagudda residents had a gaur, also called an Indian bison, in their midst on Tuesday.

The animal sang majestically in the heart of the coastal city and soon became a topic of conversation.

The lonely Gaur crossed the residential and commercial center before a Pilikula Biological Park official reassured him around 11 a.m. The animal, however, died later in the day.

Authorities said it is common for herbivores, who are sedated to ensure their safe capture, to suffer cardiac arrest.

PBP staff also reassured a leopard caught in a trap outside.

We placed a cage for the leopard after receiving reports of its presence in the area, said District V Forest Officer Karikalan. Both animals were released into the Charmadi reserve forest, but the gaur did not survive.