Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta says clubs should focus on educating players on security

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta He says Premier league clubs should focus on educating players about new coronavirus security measures to ensure they are put in place when football You get the green light to resume.

Professional soccer has been suspended since mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 32,000 in the UK, the highest death toll in Europe.

The 20 Premier league clubs held a conference call last week to discuss plans for the resumption of training this month but deferred making a decision on resuming the season until the government gave the go-ahead.

The hardest thing is educating players and everybody involved at training grounds and on match days that this is different, Arteta, who was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus on March 12, told Arsenal great Ian Wright on Twitter.

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We have to be strict with the protocols. Common sense will dictate when we can go to the next step ... we can't rush. We all aim to play, we have to play, we are ready to play. It is important for society and the economy, he added.

We have that responsibility. We have to be ready for when they say 'go ahead, open that door' so we can hit the gas.

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