No room for Matilda's pregnancies as COVID-19 interrupts planning: Sam Kerr

SYDNEY: Matildas forward Sam Kerr he says COVID-19 The crisis has wreaked havoc on medium-term career planning for the best Australian footballers, leaving them with a grand tournament to play each year until 2024.

Kerr and his teammates would have expected a long break in the middle of next year, but that space will now be occupied by the Tokyo Olympics, postponed a year due to the pandemic.

This has put a real key in the works, Kerr told Fox Sports TV from the London lockdown, where he plays for Chelsea.

I don't know when I can go home, I don't know when I'll have my next year off.

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Next year's Olympics, then the Asian Cup, then the World Cup, then the Olympics again. So next year off to Matildas is five years away, with only one year to go.

There is no place for injuries now, which is stressful, there is no room for free time, there is no room for the girls in our team to get pregnant now, because that is something that happens in women football ."

Kerr came to the scoreboard when Australia qualified for the Tokyo Olympics with a 2-1 victory over Vietnam in a game played behind closed doors at Cam Pha in mid-March.

The complete shutdown of world sport was already underway and the Games were postponed soon after, leaving athletes locked in with their Olympic dreams deferred.

I'm trying not to think too much about the future because I had my whole life planned for next year, Kerr added.

I know people will say 'you don't have a major tournament this year' but it is not a break because we are in this isolation and blockade.