Karnataka: Villagers surprised when drunk man runs over and bites a viper

KOLAR: Returning home with a load of freshly purchased liquor bottles, a drunk construction worker ran over a viper with his bicycle, threw the wounded snake around his neck, and bit his skin as the villagers watched. Kumar, 38, from the Mustur village in Mulbagal, later said he did not know it was a poisonous snake, but was confident that nothing would happen to it.

Kumar was returning from the liquor store around 11 a.m.Tuesday when the snake got behind the wheel. Undeterred, Kumar picked up the snake, wrapped it around his neck, and continued riding. At some distance, he stopped and began to bite the reptile. The villagers gathered as he performed the bloody act, some of them filming and photographing him. The police, in a warning, arrived about 30 minutes later. By then, the snake was dead.

The snake has bothered me before. He was angry because he got under the wheels this morning too, ”Kumar, who has a three-year-old son, told TOI.

Nothing will happen to me, says the man who bit the viper

Citing eyewitnesses, Nangali Police Deputy Inspector Anilkumar said Kumar had stopped his bike in the middle of the road and then bit the snake's skin. No one dared approach him, he said.

Kumar said that sighting and killing snakes was quite common in the village. “I have not been to any doctor since then. Nothing will happen to me, ”he said.

Mustur is about 110 km from Bangalore. Aswath, the accountant for the village of Mustur, said that after learning of the incident, he has asked one of his employees to accompany Kumar and monitor him closely.

VSS Sastry, an environmentalist, said snakes are poisonous and can inject a large amount of venom when injured. It is surprising how and why a man would allow himself such risky acts, he said.

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