Delhi agent kills his wife, also a police officer, in a car after a fight

NEW DELHI: A police officer from the city's anti-terror unit cannot be traced after he allegedly killed his wife, also a police officer, in Lodhi Colony in south Delhi on Monday night.

The body of Renu Malik (32), a Covid-19 service agent, was found in an abandoned car parked next to a dumpster near the special cell office and the Lodhi Colony police station on Tuesday morning. .

Renu had a gunshot wound and also some blunt force injuries. A worn 9mm diameter cartridge was found next to his body. Although police suspect her husband, Manoj Kumar, a police chief, shot him at point-blank range after a fight, the exact cause of his death will be determined after the autopsy, police said.

As usual, Manoj left the special cell office on Monday night. He reportedly called a colleague later in the evening and borrowed his car, saying that Renu had encountered an accident.

Police couple was involved in regular tiffs

Manoj then met his wife and got into an altercation, according to police. It is at this juncture that he is believed to have pulled the trigger. A police patrol team saw the abandoned car in the morning, but an investigation into how area police did not notice a suspicious car and the body overnight.

Manoj was divorced and had recently married Renu after having an affair with her for the past 10 years. However, all was not well between them, since they began to have frequent fights, according to the police.

Lately he had moved from Manoj's residence in north-west Delhi and was staying with a relative in Bawana. Renu's relatives told police that Manoj had called her on Monday to resolve the problems.

An FIR has been registered under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code and teams have been formed to trace Manoj. Special police officers are also assisting the southern district police, as Manoj, they feared, could be difficult to catch. Having known all the tricks of the trade while in the special cell, he knows how to trick the police. He was on Inspector Kailash Bisht's team and the unit is trying to track his movements. It is known that he went to Meerut, added a source.