The daughter of the Nithari woman is the first baby in Noida to be born with Covid-19

NOIDA: The city reported its first case of a baby born to Covid on Tuesday. The girl, born two days ago, and an Afghan citizen were among the 13 people who tested positive in Noida on Tuesday.

Authorities said the girl's mother, a Nithari resident, had tested positive a few days ago and delivered the baby to the isolation room on Sunday. The father was also found to have Covid. Last month, a baby born to a Covid patient in town had tested negative.

Among the other people who tested positive Tuesday were two nurses at GIMS and Sharda Hospital. The Afghan citizen found out that he had Covid studies at a private university and stayed in a rented accommodation at Alpha 1. He is currently admitted to Sharda Hospital.

We have informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other interested authorities. There were some language restrictions. We have arranged translators to talk to him about his possible contacts, ”said Suhas LY, the district magistrate.

Parts of Alpha 1 will revert to a containment zone after it was recently removed from the access point list. The last case in the sector was reported on March 21, after which it was sealed for 28 days.

Other patients who tested positive Tuesday include two men, 42 and 16, from JJ Colony. So far, 30 cases have been reported in the area, making it the second largest group in the district after the Alto al Fuego chain. Authorities said they had prepared a separate action plan for testing and tracing contacts in the area.

The other patients included a 57-year-old man from Sector 7 and four people from Bisrakh. All Bisrakh patients are contacts of a woman who had previously tested positive. A 41-year-old woman from Sector 137 was also among those added to Covid's count Tuesday.

In the past five days, Noida has reported 54 new cases. Tuesday's cases brought Noida's count to 192, but 109 of them recovered and were released from the hospital.