A five-year-old boy pulled into the United States while driving to California

LOS ANGELES: A police officer in the western US state of Utah. In the USA, he was shocked after stopping what he believed to be a disabled driver on a highway only to find a five-year-old boy behind the wheel.

They said the boy told police that he was detained on Monday that he left home after an argument with his mother that he had refused to buy him a Lamborghini .

He decided to take the car and go to California Buy one, the Highway Patrol said in a tweet. It could have been short on the purchase amount since he only had $ 3.

In a video on the dash board of the incident released by the department, the SUV the boy was driving was seen crossing the highway as other vehicles and trucks sped past.

The car then stops on the left side of the road after Private Rick Morgan activates his siren.

When Trp. Morgan approached the driver's side of the vehicle on foot, noting that it was strange that he couldn't see the driver's head from the rear window, the Highway Patrol said in a statement released Tuesday.

Morgan in the video is heard asking the boy about his age.

Are you five years old? he exclaims. Wow ... where did you learn to drive a car?

Police said the boy, who was not identified, managed to drive two to three miles (three to five kilometers) from his home before he was detained and his parents were contacted.

The family reported that the boy's older brother was looking at him that morning, the brother fell asleep and the boy pulled the keys to the SUV from a hook at his home, the statement said.

Fortunately, no one was injured and no damaged property was found during their short outing.