Governing bodies must balance calendar, says Boris Becker

LONDON: Tennis Governing bodies should use time during prolonged coronavirus shutdown to align their interests and correct imbalance in schedule, six-time Grand Slam winner Boris Becker he told Reuters on Tuesday.

Roger Federer called for a merger between male and female tours on social media recently, with male ATP Tour president Andrea Gaudenzi and his female WTA Tour counterpart Steve Simon, and both welcomed the suggestion.

Becker endorsed the idea, saying the ongoing hiatus is an opportunity for sports stakeholders to work together.

In my perfect world, I would like to see many more events combined, Becker said in an interview.

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Men's and women's 10-day events would be the ideal setting to move on. In my opinion, we have too many tennis tournaments week after week.

Sometimes we have two or three in the same week in different countries, which I don't think is correct. And obviously smaller tournaments will have a hard time surviving in the current crisis. And who knows where they will be placed back next year.

So I really hope that the governing bodies and the big tournaments, the Masters Series on both sides, come together and find a formula that is good for the game.


The tennis season was suspended in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic , and the pause will continue until at least mid-July, as countries have closed borders and closed to contain the spread of the virus.

The pandemic has led to the cancellation of Wimbledon and the postponement of the French Open to September, while the status of the US Open. Scheduled for regular purposes in late August, the US remains unclear.


Many have expressed doubts about whether professional tennis can return in 2020, as the sport needs players to fly around the world to participate in tournaments.

I think a lot depends on the decision regarding the US Open and the French Open, said Becker, who was named ambassador for GG Poker and King's Resort last month.

I think if that is positive we will have one or two tournaments before the Open in America. I think it was good of the Open to say 'listen, let's wait and see, and let's not make a hasty decision'.

If it is positive, I think we will have tennis for the rest of the year. If we don't have the Open, the French Open, I don't think we have tennis for the rest of the year.

The possibility of a complete elimination of tennis for the remainder of the season has led some to speculate whether the shutdown would be more damaging to younger players or the game's dominant talents.

Becker believes that the younger generation would be more affected, as he lost the one-year experience.

If the year is lost, I don't think it's bad for Federer or Serena (Williams) because they haven't really abused their bodies for another year, in a way that they've won a year, the German said of the duo. , who will be 39 this year.

I think it's good for Andy Murray because it gives him more time to go back and physically prepare for 2021.

I think it benefits (Novak) Djokovic, (Rafa) Nadal, Federer more because they know how good they are, they know what to do and I don't think we will see a change of form in them.