Bihar: more than 20 migrant workers escape from the quarantine center in Katihar

KATIHAR: An estimated 22 people, who had returned from other states and were subjected to the prescribed 14-day quarantine in Katihar, escaped, locals said on Tuesday.

A video of the incident has appeared on social media in which workers can be seen running away with their suitcases.

About 85 migrant workers have been quarantined in Rishi Bhawan. My house is next door. Today we provide milk, tea and food because migrant workers complained that they were hungry. The administration cannot provide them enough. food and facilities required. About 22 workers escaped in the morning by breaking the lock on the quarantine center, said Ramji Shah, a local resident.

Migrant workers present at the quarantine center complained about the lack of facilities.

We came from Bathinda in Punjab. They are not providing us with food on time. We have been locked up here. There are no facilities here, a worker said from the door of the quarantine center while others supported him.

The Kathihar district magistrate said the number of workers who escaped is not yet known.

The opposition Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) attacked the Bihar government over the incident.

It is a very unfortunate incident. The Bihar government constantly fails to manage this crisis. The workers were helped by the neighbors. The government is not helping them. I demand that the administration take action against those who were deployed to monitor the people in quarantine. It is the first such incident, it is embarrassing, said Aashu Pandey, secretary general of the RJD youth wing of the Katihar unit.

However, JDU Katihar district unit chairman Sanjeev Shrivastav said the state government is helping everyone during the shutdown.

We are helping all the people during the confinement. We are bringing back stranded migrant workers from other states. The matter is under investigation. Relevant food and facilities are being provided. Further details are sought and action will be taken against administrators if found guilty, he said.

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