3 Russian documents mysteriously fall from hospital windows

Three medical workers in Russia who had been in disputes with health authorities over the management of the pandemic have sunk from the windows of the upper floors, local media reported. Some reports suggested that the falls, which killed two doctors and left a third in critical condition, were suicides or accidents. Russian dissidents have long attributed mysterious falls from balconies to state violence.

Aleksandr Shulepov, a doctor with an ambulance service in Moscow, fell from a hospital window on Saturday where he was being treated by Covid-19. He is critical. He had complained in online videos about the lack of protective equipment and being forced to work after getting sick.

In Siberia, Elena Nepomnyashchaya, the chief physician of a hospital, fell from a window on April 26 and died. She had opposed the authorities' plan to treat Covid-19 patients there, according to TBK, and had complained about the lack of protective equipment. , the head of the ambulance service in Star City, the cosmonaut training center, died on April 24 after a plunge from a window in a hospital where he was being treated by Covid-19. The local newspaper wrote that she had committed suicide after managers accused her of allowing the virus to spread.