Liquor is the priority, not sport: Vimal Kumar

BENGALURU: former national badminton and Olympic coach U Vimal Kumar has questioned the absence of physical distance regulations in liquor stores in the middle of the coronavirus Pandemic, which says that if the government can handle large crowds at these outlets, it can also allow sports activities.

Large influx in front of wine and liquor stores after their businesses opened in many states. Why don't we allow healthy sports training activities? Sport improves immunity. It has no side effects like liquor. I hope that the government will open sports activities soon. Vimal tweeted Tuesday, tagging the Union's sports minister Kiren Rijiju .

Vimal has expressed that athletes miss training and practice, arguing that despite all the exercises and routines they perform at home, athletes would have to start from scratch once they return to the sport.

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Vimal, who is the director of the Badminton Prakash Padukone Academy, said he was surprised to see each liquor outlet filled with people.

I saw this when I was driving to the training center on Tuesday. Hundreds of them were stacked together. Without social distancing, not many of them with masks. I am upset that if the government agrees that people discard all the principles of social distancing to get a bottle of liquor, why has it ended a healthy activity where all prescribed rules will be followed?

Vimal said it was evident that different criteria were being used as the country tried to return to normal. The priorities are clear. The government is promoting an unhealthy earning practice. At the same time, he has banned sports, speaking of the dangers of athletes coming into contact with each other during training or practice. If it is about social distancing norms, why can't the government apply it universally? Why this hypocrisy? I ask.

Former cricket player and MP from India Gautam Gambhir He also noted on social media that liquor has become more important than life for people.

Aaj Dilli ke liye jaan se zyada jaam zaroori ho gaya hai. Sharmnak nazaare said.