30 Covid experts in various stages of development, experts say

NEW DELHI: More than 30 formulations of Indian vaccines are at different stages of development and four existing drugs are being reused for treatment, scientists reported. Narendra Modi during a meeting of the working group on Development, Drug Discovery, Diagnosis and Testing on Tuesday.

Modi was also informed that plant extracts and products were also being examined for their general antiviral properties. The Prime Minister conducted a detailed review of the current state of India's efforts in vaccine development, drug discovery, diagnosis and testing, said an official statement about the meeting attended by the government's top scientific adviser, K VijayRaghavan. , and other senior officials. officials and scientists.

Noting the extraordinary union of academia, industry and government during this crisis, the prime minister said such coordination and speed should be integrated into a standard operating procedure.

He emphasized that what is possible in a crisis should be part of our routine way of scientific functioning, the statement said. Modi also suggested that a hackathon be conducted on this topic, linking computing with synthesis and testing in the laboratory. Successful candidates could be chosen by startups for further development.