Driver's licenses expiring during the closing valid until June 30

NEW DELHI: Union Minister for Road Transport, Nitin Gadkari He said Tuesday that documents related to the MV Law and Rules, such as a driving license, registration, documents and vehicle conditioning permits, will be treated as valid until June 30, when their validity expires between February 1 and June 30.

The minister's reiteration of the extension of validity was intended to provide clarity among all executing agencies, as there is further relaxation to allow both commercial and private vehicles during 3.0.

Since it is not possible to renew documents during the closure, various documents related to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1998 and the CMV regulations of 1989 whose validity expires between February 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020 will be considered valid until June 30, Gadkari tweeted.

In a notice, the ministry on March 31 said those documents will be treated as valid until the end of June.