Returning from the Premier League would boost morale, says government minister

LONDON: Restarting the Premier League would be a boost for Brittany morality in the midst of coronavirus crisis chancellor Dominic Raab he said Tuesday.

The Premier League bosses have pointed to a return to action in June as they try to end the season over the summer.

England's top flight has been suspended since March 13 and there are still 92 matches remaining, with the Champions League title, relegation and qualification to be resolved.

Some critics have questioned whether the Premier League is trying to return too soon after the top-tier seasons in France and the Netherlands were abandoned.

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But Raab sees merit in the 'Project Restart' of the Premier League.

I think it would lift the spirits of the nation and people would like to see us go back to work and children can go to school safely, but also in times past like sports, he said during a government press conference.

I know the government has had constructive meetings with sports bodies to plan for athletes to return to training when safe.

However, Raab emphasised sport in Brittany could only resume once it can be done safely.

I can tell you that the Secretary of Culture has been working on a plan to practice sport behind closed doors when we moved to the second phase, so that is something we are seeing, he said.

However, the key point is that we can only do it when medical advice and scientific advice is that it can be done safely and sustainably, but that is certainly something that is being actively considered.