The Center's decision to charge NRIs for returning from 'inhuman' Covid-affected countries: Venugopal

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, the secretary-general of Congress called the government's decision to impose excessive costs on NRIs and expatriates by bringing them into the country from Covid-19 affected nations inhumane.

He demanded that the central government fly the poor and vulnerable at no cost while charging other normal fees instead of high costs.

The central government's decision to impose excessive costs on NRIs flying on special flights from Covid-affected countries is an inhumane act, it said in a statement.

Venugopal said that due to protests by large numbers of expats and their families, as well as the general public in recent days, the central government made the decision to bring back Indian citizens from abroad.

However, it is cruel that the central government has taken advantage of this difficult situation for expatriates by increasing the price of air fares up to three times. This is inhumane, Venugopal said in his statement.

He urged the Center to take urgent measures to provide free travel to the most vulnerable, unemployed, sick, and pregnant women, and to others who travel at the normal rate.

Air India will operate 64 repatriation flights for a week starting May 7, while the Navy deployed two ships when India launched a mass evacuation plan on Tuesday to bring back thousands of its citizens stranded abroad due to the blockade. caused by coronavirus.

Those who take advantage of the repatriation flights will be charged, the Minister of Civil Aviation said at a virtual press conference in New Delhi. A passenger on a London-Delhi flight will be charged Rs 50,000 and on a Dhaka-Delhi flight Rs 12,000, he added.

From the Gulf countries to Malaysia and from the United Kingdom to the USA. The multi-agency operation dubbed the 'Vande Bharat Mission' will see the state airline operate unscheduled commercial flights until May 13 to transport around 15,000 Indian citizens from 12 countries.