Three nations unite to give the Gujarat brothers a new family

NEW DELHI: Amid the national closure and uncertainties stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic, two children, 9 and 12, adopted from a specialized adoption agency in Gujarat, are trying to settle down with the idea of ​​a new family in their new home in Florence , .

This story would have been just another on the adoption list, but because of the unusual circumstances that saw them stranded in Dubai for more than four weeks after flying out of Mumbai on March 12. The long stay and the unknown environment saw one of the children develop cold. feet about traveling to a strange land, and this soon affected the other as well.

However, his time in Dubai allowed the counselors to convince the children to wait, telling them that the flight ban did not mean other options anyway. Parents were told to pay more attention and be more accommodating with their new rooms, and things slowly worked out.

The Central Adoption Resources Authority (CARA) in Delhi took over the counseling in Gujarati and also arranged in-person interactions in Dubai. A visa was arranged to allow the family to remain in Dubai.

The special counselor took advantage of the time to help children and parents bond. The advice and time the adoptive parents spent with the worked children and the children agreed to go to their new home, said CARA CEO Deepak Kumar.

With no commercial flights operating, the authorities in Italy organised a private jet that brought them to Florence on April 18. Speaking to TOI over phone, , the coordinator at the Authorised Foreign Adoption Agency in Italy, said they are following up with the family. “The children are settling down to knowing the house they had been seeing on video calls,” Alfare said.

The CEO of CARA sees in this case as a rare meeting of three countries: India, the United Arab Emirates and Italy, to facilitate the entire process in very difficult circumstances. There have also been other challenges. Some adoptive parents, stranded in India with children released before closing, approached CARA to expedite exit visas.

In coordination with the Regional Registration Office Abroad, CARA has issued five exit visas for children who managed to leave for the United States, Italy and Malta on special flights organized by the respective countries for stranded citizens.