Covid-19: Report gaps by states behind acceleration in cases

NEW DELHI: The Center said Tuesday that efforts to find gaps in reporting protocols with some states have resulted in increased numbers of positive and positive deaths. The problems had led to late and inefficient clinical management that had now been largely resolved.

Up to 3,900 new cases and 195 deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 46,433. The total number of deaths reported so far was 1568. “We are dealing with an infectious disease. Therefore, timely notification of cases and their clinical management is important. In some states, this gap (in reports) has been noted and is now being addressed, ”said the joint secretary.

Responding to a question about an increase in the number of people, where there has been controversy over how Covid-19 deaths were recorded, he said: We continue with certain states as we did not receive timely case and death reports from them. We chase them and now the problems are being addressed. As we are now receiving reports of cases and deaths from them, there is an increase in reported cases in the last 24 hours.

The Center also urged states to effectively implement contact tracing, active case finding, and clinical case management. At the state level, it is important that, based on reported cases, follow-up contacts, active case finding and clinical case management are effectively implemented, Agarwal said.

Reiterating that the blockade has yielded better results in terms of doubling the time of positive cases improving to 12 days from 3.4 days, Agarwal said the momentum should be maintained and reach a level where the curve flattens. However, he said that efforts are channeled towards stabilizing the increase in cases.

We need to get to a level where the day-to-day increase in cases should actually be happening in geometric progression. It should be happening in such a way that the number of cases being added vry day are less and later to a level where we can actually increase the doubling rate much more so that the cases remain stable and that's where we end up seeing a flattening of curve, he said. So far, a total of 12,726 people have been cured. This brings our total recovery rate to 27.41%, added Agarwal.