The government facilitates the use of drones for its agencies to fight the crown

NEW DELHI: In an attempt to provide conditional fast-track exemptions to government agencies for COVID-19 related remotely piloted aircraft system/operations (RPAS), aviation authorities have released a Garud Portal .

The conditional exemption will be limited to RPA deployed by a governmental entity for aerial surveillance, aerial photography and public announcements related to COVID-19 ... the exemption will be limited to battery powered rotating wing RPA only ... the responsibility of the RPA's safe operation will rest entirely with the government entity ... The RPA, at no time, will pose a risk to life, property or any other manned/unmanned aircraft, the aviation ministry said in a statement.

GARUD, which means government authorization for drone relief, was launched in two weeks by (NIC). In a short eight-day period after getting the go-ahead, the portal was designed, developed, beta-tested and launched by Vikram Singh, senior systems analyst, NIC, New Delhi, working alone at home, the ministry said. .

The RPA that obtains said conditional exemption will have a unique identification number (UIN) and/or a drone recognition number (DAN) issued by the DGCA; must not weigh more than 25 kg; It should have the function of automatic return to startup in case of loss of command and control link; the operation will be limited to a height of 200 feet above the ground limit; RPA will be operated within line of sight at all times; operated by maintaining a safe distance from people, buildings, vehicles, and property at all times; you must not pick up, drop, spray or discharge any substance; Operation between local sunrise and local sunset and should be avoided in adverse weather conditions such as high winds, rain, dust storms, and low visibility.

However, no RPA operations will be carried out in locations such as: within a 5 km perimeter of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad airports; within 3 km of the perimeter of any civil, private or defense airport, other than the metro; within 25 km of the international border; beyond 500 meters (horizontal) towards the sea from the coastline, provided that the location of the land station is on a fixed platform above ground; within 3 km from the perimeter of military installations and within a 5 km radius of Vijay Chowk in Delhi.