Closed doors could force Scottish football to seek ransom

LONDON: Scottish football could be forced to seek a government bailout if supporters are unable to attend matches for the foreseeable future, the chief executive of Scottish Professional Football League warned Tuesday.

Neil Doncaster said the Scottish game's heavy reliance on inbound receipts compared to other major European leagues made it more vulnerable to an extended period of playing behind closed doors.

According to UEFA According to the latest club licensing benchmark report, entry receipts provided 43 percent of the income of the 12 clubs in the Scottish Premier League, by far the highest in Europe's top 20 leagues.

We gave the Minister a frank summary of the existential crisis facing our game, Doncaster said in a statement after a meeting with Joe FitzPatrick, Scotland's Minister of Public Health and leaders of other sports organizations.

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Entrance receipts represent a much larger proportion of our income than in England , which benefits from great TV deals, so until we get back to playing in front of the crowds, our game will remain in grave danger.

Rugby league clubs in England were granted a £16 million ($20 million) emergency loan last week to help with the financial consequences of coronavirus.

And Doncaster suggested that a similar bailout might be necessary for clubs in the Scottish government in the coming months.

Seguiremos guiándonos por los expertos en salud del Scottish government sobre cuándo podemos reanudar los partidos, pero parece que pasará un tiempo, dijo.

"We have already seen the UK Government pledging £16m support to Rugby league in England to prevent it from being devastated by COVID-19.

The longer we are unable to play matches in Scotland, the more essential significant financial support will be for our struggling national sport.

Soccer was suspended at all levels in Scotland until June 10.

The leagues below the Premier League have been declared for the 2019-20 season and it seems increasingly certain that the top flight will follow suit.

There are ongoing talks about rebuilding the league for the 2020-21 campaign that would prevent any club from being relegated due to the early end of the season.

According to reports, a proposal will be put forward later this week for the Premiership and Championship to expand to 14 teams and for Leagues One and Two to be merged into one 16-team division.